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Valuable alternative for the most demanding projects.

Luxury Furniture Ready to Ship

Innovation and adaptation to demand while maintaining the style, quality and exclusivity of our designs. This has been the guiding principle of our firms for this new season. As a result, here are introduced these catalogs of exclusive luxury furniture ready to ship for the most demanding interior designers in the Middle East markets.

With the quality and distinction required in luxury environments interior design, Alexandra, BD Barcelona, Hurtado and Mobboli offer exclusive pieces from stock and ready to ship.

Alexandra – Leading the way in high-end design throughout the world, the fine handicraft offers a selection of its modern and contemporary style collection through the exclusive showroom stock sale: impressive living-dining room sets, surprising sofas, cabinets and bookcases that provide unique and distinct style.

BD Barcelona – For the most audacious environments that aim to distinguish themselves with author’s pieces, while regarding shape&function. Its quick ship program, speeds up the delivery of singular pieces by unique designers like Jaime Hayon, Dalí or Gaudí.

Hurtado – With a contemporary and traditional design, stands out for serving office solutions and residential markets with 100% handcrafted luxury finishes. The noblest materials such as walnut, jacaranda, oak, marble and bronze are used at their bedrooms, chests of drawers, dining rooms, and sofas.

Mobboli  – Modern design for commercial and hospitality projects. Offers short delivery term thanks to its high control over all phases of the production process. Any Mobboli collections are available in two weeks for delivery.

These collections are available either immediately from existing stock or in two weeks at the latest (check at the catalogues). All of them can be delivered to destinations like Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Jeddah or Riyadh.

Alexandra Exclusive Showroom Mobboli Collection

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