HURTADO was founded in Valencia, Spain, in 1940, and is managed by the family’s third generation. HURTADO is an internationally reputed company, and our products can be found in over 50 countries. HURTADO combines 82 years of tradition with the constant innovation in products and processes. HURTADO (Headquarters and Factory in Spain with our own showroom and warehouse in U.S.) uses the most advanced technology production systems and quality control. 

HURTADO presents unique designs for Residential and Office Solutions projects , inspired by different cultures and time periods. Maintaining the same quality, we offer the possibility of making custom-sized and bespoke furniture.All of our products are solely and exclusively produced in our installations, therefore we have complete control of all processes, guaranteeing quality control.

HURTADO is among the top leaders in quality worldwide, which is reflected in their production process and customer service. HURTADO combines the latest technology with traditional hand craftsmanship to ensure a unique designs, and guaranteed product quality and customer service

Client: Hurtado

Info: Residential projects and office solutions

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