Eco designed furniture collections for contract projects by Mobboli

Eco Designed Furniture

Design, high endings and excellent service suits with environmentally friendly standards at the Mobboli collections.


Mobboli smartly gathers well-known awarded designers, great quality endings, high controlled manufacturing process, guaranteed optimum deadlines and eco-design.
Eco designed furniture incorporates environmental aspects at all the stages of the production process with the aim of minimize negative environmental impacts along their useful life.
This is not just a statement but also a fact in the case of Mobboli: for every piece in their collection, a single eco-design technical data sheet is provided regarding components, recyclable percentage, and UNE EN ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) UNE EN ISO14006:2011 (Eco-design management) compliance.


All Mobboli’s products life cycle stages incorporate eco-design aspect as follows:

1- Recycled and recyclable materials. Recycled bags packaging. Hazardous substances limitation.
2- Production process: environmental impact minimization.
3- Transportation: Owned trucks, optimized volumes, route schedules and use of packaging.
4- Useful product life extension: Easy cleaning and maintenance. After-sales service: repair, reupholstery and spare parts.
This exclusive combination of design, efficiency and eco-design makes Mobboli stand out as a valuable partner for interior design projects. Its extended experience in Middle East markets makes it a highly recommended option for Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman interior designers.

Eco Designed Furniture
Eco Designed Furniture

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