Postcraft Collection: cultural bridges by BDBarcelona

Postcraft Collections by @bdbarcelonadesign: a collection created by artists from the Middle East. PostCraft builds cultural bridges, inviting us to broaden our vision of the world, to look beyond the borders of Europe and the West and to consider that art and creativity can create new and motivating dialogues

Throughout the centuries we looked to the moon observing its phases, its soft birth, its glories bloom and its quiet thinning. The stages in the lunar calendar and the changes they carry with them are thought to affect the human mind, emotions and even behavior. It is more than a calendar and more than a vision lighting up our darkness, it is a mirror, it is our reflection. The “Lunar Tale” is an installation where mirrors and brass are interlaced and locked into unique pattern, depicts these phases of the moon in a formidable work of art.

Each product is produced in a Limited Edition series of 8 unique pieces + 2 prototype + 2 artist proof.

Gazzaz Brothers

This is a unique cross cultural project fuses East and West and highlight their creativity, bringing together five creative talents from the Middle East with the craftsmanship and expertise of BD Barcelona.

Conceived in collaboration with Syrian-Spanish architect and Creative Dialogue founder, Samer Yamani, the PostCraft collection features work by Sheikha Hind Bint Majid Al Qassimi, Maysam Al Nasser, Loulwa Al-Radwan, Aisha Al Sowaidi, and the Gazzaz Brothers.  They conform a diverse group of talents from four countries in the Gulf  from several disciplines including art, architecture and interiors.

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