THEIA Creative Tiles

Theia Creative Tiles presents a continuously growing collection of Portuguese handmade tiles for covering walls, offering endless possibilities to create meaningful surfaces for each different space, imbued with personality.

The tiles are mainly used for interior and exterior wall coatings, but can also be used as decorative panels, becoming a poetic intervention in the architectural features of some Portuguese cities. The individual tile is a delicate ceramic piece made from scratch from raw clay or argil put through a traditional, production process, becoming an impermeable, durable, glossy surface. This process itself is a poetic transformation of matter.

Emerging from this long mastery of manufacture, Theia gives shape to a design approach to the ceramic production, reinterpreting processes and formal possibilities, pushing manufacturing boundaries to create original shapes and volumes. Theia boldly presents tridimensional shapes, traditionally more associated to the production of objects, in a collection of volumetric tiles to cover bidimensional surfaces.

Color is carefully explored to create a rich palette, with smooth matte tones, reflective deep opaque colors, luxurious metallic shades and romantic transparent hues. To create Theia’s color range, the long experience in sorting and mixing color components in precise measures is combined with a special sensibility to architecture, design and aesthetic trends.

Through its wide range of carefully developed references and colors, Theia original designs offer a creative ground that allows the creation of contemporary ambiances, full of character, texture and personality.

Client: THEIA Creative Tiles
Info: Portuguese handmade tiles
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