Mambo unlimited ideas is based in Lisbon, Portugal, a country with a long crafts tradition. Here we gathered the energies of talented people to develop our products. The work of our design team is developed towards global business, with international inspiration, while rooted in our local knowledge and crafts expertise. Our growing presence in the international market reflects our approach: our work is about innovation and creativity, with quality. And that’s what we love to do. We channel our suppliers craft abilities leading our production teams to careful produce each item of our collection, delivering top quality original products. Mambo unlimited ideas is the creativity hub, comprising talents from our design team to develop new products and ideas just as the name reveals! The care and dedication put into each pieces’ production reflects the whole path from the inspiration and research to the design development and materials selection. Our challenge and goal is to constantly create original and quality products while developing a growing globally recognized company, through our collections and our relation with all the market players.

We invite you to travel through our collection, getting to know the richness of our piece’s. In this collection you will find original pieces where many different crafts and materials are creatively joined together in balance, for surprising, fresh and functional results. Get to know how we play this many different materials carefully combining them in each object. The result is a versatile, sophisticated and original collection where creativity finds no boundaries.

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