New luxury home cinema armchairs & sofas


The Cosmopol & Boston Collections are our top of the line luxury home cinema armchairs & sofas. If you wish the perfect luxury cinema room, these is the best and more confortable solution you can find.

The Cosmopol seating is a full modular system . Therefore you can add arm modules, seat modules and all kind of auxiliaries .

The two standard modules are the chaise module and the armchair module. In the image above, the back row consists of a chain of the armchair modules, whilst the front row consists of two chaise modules linked together.

The chaise used on the front row has an electric neck rest. The armchairs used for the back row have both an electric neck rest and an electric leg rest. You can also add modules together, sharing an arm (as seen below).

Please note that it is also possible to have all this seating as manual modules. The manual modules have a manual neck rest, but the leg rests are fixed and do not move.

Not only is this seating modular, but it can also be made to bespoke widths. The standard size of the seat module (excluding the arms) is 80 cm (width). However, this is adaptable between 60cm – 100 cm seat width

The extremely comfortable Boston Relax Collection is a modular concept which allows you to form all kind of shapes and sizes. Choose  from a extensive list of high end fabrics and add different extras, like the relax motion device, to build your perfect cinema room.

The Controls

Option 1:
The Controls are standard on buttons under seating but can be on a remote and lead that slides from down the side of the chair.

Option 2:
Lastly, the can be on the arm of the chair (This option also includes a USB port for charging ipads).

The Drinks Holders

We have a number of options for drinks holders ranging from standard drinks holders to refrigerated drinks holders. All drinks holders can be either black or chrome.

For more options and prizes please contact us.

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